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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Your faith and persistence opens the doors for others

Feel like giving up, throwing in the towel? Think again. Someone needs to see you succeed. Someone needs to be inspired by you. You may very well be the key to someone else’s success. You may hold the puzzle piece to complete the picture of someone else’s dream.

At times when you’re building and following your dream obstacles present themselves. Giving up is not an option. It may be an indication, however, to change course or change the way you’re doing things, but not give up. As you continue to believe that you can do it, you can make it and be persistent until you’ve realized your goal your example will be a guiding light for someone else.

We are all linked together in some way or another. No one is an island. What you do will impact those around you, whether negative or positive, and send a ripple effect to those who are not directly connected to you.

Your success leaves a blue print for others to follow. The testimony of your success due to your persistence holds the answers to someone else fulfilling their dream. It may be a small part of what you’ve achieved or small percentage of your total achievement, but that small percentage for you may be a large percentage for another.

If you’re going through a tough time and you feel like giving in why not reconsider by asking yourself:

If I give up, what would I be missing out on?

Where would I be if I fail to achieve my goals?

What example am I setting for my children or the next generation?

What would society be like without my unique contribution?

What knowledge do I have that I’m hiding from others?

Who’s life am I cheating of my gift?

We all have unique abilities and styles that can make a difference. These were given to us with our special genetic combination to be used to enhance our life and the world. Don’t give up! Take one step at a time until you reach the finish line. When you look back you will have a lot to share with others taking the same path and, therefore, put you on a level of new expertise.

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