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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Appreciate the people that come into your life.

Each person that comes into your life plays an intricate part in your development and growth, whether they’re there for a minute or for many years. Some to enhance you by teaching you, adding value to your life, some for support, others for friendship and love and some, even though they may seem to drag you down, are the sandpaper you need to smooth you out and prepare you for the next level.

Consider some of these areas where you may have received help in the past that proved beneficial for you.

A person that comes into your life may prepare you for the future – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically and for your moment of greatness/glory.

Others may come to show you the way you should go. They help you make decisions for your life.

A companion gives life-long support and friendship. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, a companion is there to stand by you when you’re at your lowest point.

They provide valuable information, insights and expertise helping you to learn to choose the right life path and make appropriate choices.

Challengers are individuals who build your strength of endurance, persistence, determination, character and integrity.

These are the empathizers who keep you going when you feel like giving up.

They grieve with you in times of mourning.

Temptation helpers
When you’re on the path to give into vices that take you down the wrong track, you have friends to put you back on the straight path.

Friends to give good, loving criticism and helps you reassess yourself and ensure you are on the right track.

Bad critics
They urge you to re-evaluate the worth of your goal and may even give you the ‘umph’ needed to persist on your course.

Some are only there to take you to the starting point of the next level. Some are assigned to help you make the adjustment of the next level. Some are assigned to take you through the process of the next level and others are assigned to take you to the finish line.

Appreciate the people that come into your life and be careful to treat everyone with respect as their role help to define the person you grow to be.

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