Changing Inside Out Now!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Changing Inside Out Now! Getting my body back - Day 9

Get creative

On your journey to achieving your goal, you need to get creative in order to enhance your activities to produce the results you want.

Creativity gives birth to new ideas and new ways of doing things making your journey more enjoyable. E.g. As I did my strength exercises, my son decided that he wanted to play with mommy. I picked him up and was able to use his body as extra weight for working out my arms, legs and butt. He even got a neck ride out of the deal and quite enjoyed himself, and so did I.

When you allow your creative juices to flow, even the most challenging task becomes enjoyable and it motivates you to keep on keeping on. If you remain positive and open yourself to new ideals, you'll allow your inner creativity, that which is in sync with you, to surface.

As I continue on this journey, I open myself to allowing creativity to take precedence. I listen carefully to my body, giving it more of what it enjoys; more repetitions, longer stretch time.

Fuelling words: I allow myself to be open to new possibilities.

Routine: Warm-ups, stretches, aerobics, toning and strength exercises, cool down.

Visualization - keeping focus on my goal; healthy, strong and my ideal body weight and shape.

Deep breathing - relaxes the muscles and sends oxygen to the muscles where exercising alone would not reach.

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