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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Greatness: Do you see the greatness in others and not in yourself?

How do you see yourself? Do you sometimes think “Oh, it’s easy for this one or that one because they’re so talented? If I had their talent I could do wonders or I could be as great as they are.”

You can be as great. But great in your own talents and abilities if you only took the time to look at yourself and appreciate the gifts and hidden and unexplored talents in you.

Sometimes society judges talent by the mass of one’s followers, fame and dramatic accomplishments. Talent and contribution is not only measured in external greatness but the effectiveness and impact on others – whether one person or a small group.

You may be a stay-at-home mom or dad, society may not look upon that as an extraordinary talent, but if you are the best mom or dad that you can be – growing and learning – and impacting the little lives that look up to you, you are shaping the future of tomorrow. That’s a pretty great impact on society. You are shaping the future generation.

All of your talents, your organizational skills, your wisdom, your experience, and your life are being poured into these young lives so they in turn can go out and share their own experiences intricately interwoven in with what you have taught them. As a result, they begin to produce a different kind of fruit, with amazing flavour, changing the lives of those with whom they now come in contact.

If you took the time to analyze you, you may be surprised at what you find - talents and innate abilities you were born with, undiscovered diamonds in you waiting to be extracted, refined and polished.

Today, make a decision to stop wishing you had other people’s talents and gifts and start turning inward to what is rich within you. Begin to look for ways to develop those talents and refine them once you’ve realized them. Some other talents only emerge after you’ve taken the initial step to extract one. You may be surprised at what develops as a result.

There is more to you than you know. Take the time today to explore you!

The world is waiting to experience what you have to offer.

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