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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Diamonds in the Rough

There lies within each one of us untapped treasures buried beneath the surface of the outer influences of what we should be and what society considers most valuable - treasures that go beyond what society may call the norm. These treasures belong to you and they are embedded in your makeup to bring joy to you, contribute and make a difference in society.

Sometimes uncovering these treasures and revealing them to others who have not been exposed to your type of treasure may be received with indifference. But if you hone in and be persistent in accepting the innate abilities within you, developing them and continually sharing them with the world, those who have been waiting for a breath of fresh air and inspiration will embrace your talent and elevate you to a place of high honour. Those who have resisted and rejected your talents will have no other choice but to sit back in admiration when they see you shine and may even come to appreciate your talent and your place in society.

How do you discover the diamonds that lie within you?

You must inwardly pursue yourself to understand and know who you are underneath all the external stuff. Understand your heart and the things that bring you the most satisfaction and great joy.

Sometimes diamonds are found in the most common things. An ordinary job or hobby may lead you to discover your true diamonds, and as you filter through the common things, your true ability surfaces.

Diamonds may not be revealed until you find yourself in a situation where you’ve not intended to be or really wanted to be or is your ideal dream. E.g. you may take a job that is not your ideal career but as you continue to work you may find that you begin to discover treasures in you that you never realized were there.

The layer/the rough that conceal your diamonds begin to peel back, and as you continue to zoom into those areas, your diamonds becomes more evident to you or perhaps others may recognize it even before you do.

Some treasures are easier seen than others. While others are revealed under certain circumstances, these circumstances provide the right environment for the unveiling of your treasures.

As you set your heart and mind to discover these treasures, open your heart and mind to go through the doors that open for you as they may very well be the doors that lead you to your treasure.

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