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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Make A Christmas Wish Come True! Bilbo's Adventures: A Christmas Wish Great Gift Idea!

I would like to introduce you to our friends Cheri and Peter Lucking. Today is their Best Seller book campaign for their new book, Bilbo's Adventures: A Christmas Wish. The young readers version of the original book INDIE Excellence Award Winning Holiday Book and Literature Classics Seal of Approval: Santa & the Little Teddy Bear. Bilbo's Adventures: A Christmas Wish best described, deep, rich colors, ASTOUNDING FUN rhyming WORDS , lovely story!!! This book will light up the children's holidays. The writing style reminds me of classics like Dr. Seuss.

"Back at the castle at the top of the world,
\More presents were being wrapped and the candy swirled"

(First line from the book)

Kids love this Christmas delight! Give this special Christmas gift of love to the kids of all ages on your list. Check it out now:

Bilbo The Little Teddy Bear's only wish, is to be a special Christmas present for someone. So much happens on his journey with Santa. I encourage you to check it out Today!

Available now just in time for Christmas in paperback and kindle! Check it out here:

Bilbo's Adventures: A Christmas Wish, Bilbo's Adventures, is a book series that encourages children to read through a magical world of color, set to tales that hop, skip and jump along in rhyme.

Bilbo's Adventures: A CHRISTMAS WISH, is the first book in the young readers series. Get ready to be dazzled; Santa's coming by! Soar with Santa and Bilbo, the little teddy bear on a quest to become a, A “Special Christmas Gift,” in this action-packed roller coaster ride. Slip slide and crash in places far beyond Woop Woop and the Black Stump. Hop, skip and bump into strange things on Christmas night. Do the bottom wobbling, leg wiggling, Cancan. Golly gosh you will be gob-smacked as you laugh, sing and dance with the reindeer. Giggle at bunyip’s, scream on a super doper zero G roller coaster ride. Slither through the steamy swamps. Stand dazzled at a million, zillion ritzy lights. See tall ships sail on Halley's Comets' turquoise seas more astonishing than you can imagine. Soar with Bilbo, Santa's little teddy bear, as he lives his wish. Culminating with a surprise that is sure to bring a tear of joy to every child.

A great book for young readers to learn to read. Get your copy today and claim thousands of dollars worth of bonus gifts!

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