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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Action Thursday - Building Up Courage - Steps to Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Are you so afraid to leave your comfort zone that you're losing out on enjoying your life and living your dreams? Though you may think that your comfort zone will protect you from taking the risk of change, often times it ends up imprisoning you instead. Your comfort zone only keeps you in familiar territory but provides no growth, only stagnation. Don't allow fear to keep you back.

So let's look at 3 simple steps you can take right now to build up courage and propel you forward to leaving your comfort zone. 

Step #1 - Clearly define what it is you want

What do you want other than what you've been getting? Do you have enough of your life not producing the results you desire? Why settle when you were meant to have so much more - the abundance of life? Look at what your life could be like if you only took the risk to go after what you've always dreamed of? Clearly define it. See it in vivid colours. Having a clearly defined target gives you something to focus your attention on instead of focusing on your fear of taking the next step. 

Step #2 - Determine why you want what you want

A strong 'why' will give you a reason to move forward in spite of obstacles, setbacks and disappointments and build your courage in the face of fear. Your 'why' will keep you from rationalizing your reason for wanting to give up. 

Make part of your 'why' as a consequential motivator; using your fear in your favour as opposed to being against you. For example, if I don't lose this extra weight it could seriously affect my health and shorten my life span. What you're doing is putting up barriers to prevent retreating. You leave yourself with no other choice but to leave your comfort zone and keep going forward. 

Let's use another example, if there was no way for you to return to your current home, what would you do? You'd have no choice but to move on and look for a new home wouldn't you? And you'd come up with creative ways to help you do that, wouldn't you? So, if you create a barrier for retreat in your mind, each time you think of going back, that barrier will be there to help you keep going forward. 

Step #3 - Generate strong feelings for your 'why'.

Associate feelings of pleasure to your 'why'. Research has shown that people do things mainly because of the pleasure they receive from it, even if it is logically harmful to them. It is this association with pleasure why it is difficult to break a bad habit. You look forward to the things you enjoy doing and you'd want to do more of it.

Identify the pleasure in your 'why' or create the pleasure. What pleasure would I get from achieving this goal if I went after it? We would more readily take the risk to do something because of the anticipated pleasure than if there was no pleasure, no joy attached to it.

By the way, if you'd like to have a simple step-by-step process, a Life-Changing Map, to show you how to break through roadblocks and build the courage you need to leave your comfort zone and move towards your dream, then this is for you.  Check out The Life-Changing Map to get more information to learn how to do this.


  1. Thanks Alicia. It is hard to get out of one's comfort zone but so necessary. The rewards, I would imagine, are great. Susan

  2. So true Susan. But the first step is so important to our success in reaching our goals.


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