Changing Inside Out Now!

Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 - Day of Awareness

Let the guidance of your inner being, your spirit protect you in its infinite wisdom. Let it lead you this day, this hour, this moment and forever more through the power of love, infinite wisdom. 

We, the people of light, shall illuminate brighter than the morning star. We will be so bright a cluster of stars would seem dull. Infinite love, infinite power – we are one.

Connect deeply with the Great Universal Spirit and look deep within your inner being and draw life-energy this day and allow your entire being to become saturated with the love and light of the Spirit.

Experience your greatness right now and live your life in oneness with the power and the presence of Unconditional Love from the Great Universal Spirit.


  1. Thank you for that inspirational message, Alicia. It is so nice to think about being loved unconditionally. I wish you an entire weekend filled with light! Susan


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