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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Action Thursday - How To Build Self-Esteem When You Feel Uncertain About Your Ability

Building self-esteem is not based on your external credentials and accomplishments even though many of us put so much emphasis on them. Self-esteem has to do with respect for yourself and seeing your own worth. Your value is not determined by your ability to do or not do something. It has more to do with who you are; appreciation of you as a divine being.

Just as we ooh and aah at a baby, majestic mountains and beautiful scenery, we are just as splendid as these - not because they did anything spectacular or have any specific abilities - their existence alone is just enough to command the respect of our attention.

That's what happens when we begin to appreciate our own worth, we're not trying to impress others, we are just who we are - beautiful and majestic by nature. That's the mindset we develop and accept for our ownselves.

Accept your true divinity

So armed with this knowledge, you can begin to see your value through the eyes of the miracle of creation - that you are wonderfully and beautifully made. At first this may seem a bit strange to you to view yourself as being divinely beautiful but this is where you need to nurture your mind each day with this truth until it becomes a part of your internal belief system.

Express your divinity

Out of divine creativity, you've been endowed with special abilities, personality and talents through which you can express your divinity here on planet earth and live a fully enriched and abundant life. It's time that you begin to dig deep within your own self to extract those unique talents and discover your unique personality.

Build and expand on your divine natural talents and unique personality

Once you've discovered your special talents - the things you do really well, the things you enjoy doing - how can you build and expand on these? How can you direct your energy into fully developing them and using them in ways to not only enrich your life but the lives of those around you?

What about your personality? Perhaps you're a very caring nurturing person; how can you direct that energy into serving others? And in providing such a valuable service to others - whether to children or adults - you can, not only provide for yourself financially, but also meet the needs of your inner spirit through the power of giving of your essence to others.

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