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Friday, November 4, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Overcoming Fear of Going Out Into Public Places Because Of Your Weight

Do you avoid going out in public places because you're afraid that people might judge you because of your weight? Is your fear keeping you trapped from exploring new places because you don't want other people to see you because of your size?

It's time to free your mind and free yourself. People will always have an opinion whether you're skinny or fat, short or tall, dark skinned or light skinned or anything else you can think of that someone can have an opinion on. 

It is YOUR life and you must live it! How will you choose to live - in fear because of what other people think of you or in freedom, enjoying life like anybody else? What makes someone better than you? This is where you need to protect your head space and your heart space, silencing the outward voices that are trying to invade your life and allow the voice inside you to become louder.

How can you make this happen?

Let the beauty of who you are become your focal point and be confident in yourself. Develop this mindset each day and change the energy you're sending to your own body. When you go out into public places other people would feel your energy of confidence.

Here's a quote from Daily Word, Unity that I think will empower you to see yourself from a different perspective:


I am restored through my communion with nature.

Year-round, nature is the doorway to my restoration. Whether I am taking in the brisk winter air or the scent of spring, scouting out a summer picnic or hiking on a crisp fall afternoon, nature feeds my soul and restores my spirit.

I marvel at the sights, sounds and scents of each season, realizing that the same omniscient power that created such beauty also created me. I am no less amazing than the most spectacular sunset and no less magnificent than the rarest flower.

I look forward to moments alone in nature where I rediscover my oneness with God and the universe, gaining a new perspective, a quiet heart and a healthier outlook."

We never think of ourselves as being spectacular. When you see the awesome beauty of nature's mountainous regions don't you go ooh and aah in awe? What about the animals, the elegance of a giraffe? We shake our heads in amazement not realizing that the same power created us as well. 

Here's an exercise you can practice today - every time you look at yourself in mirror, find something about you to ooh and aah about. You are worth it! The more you do it the more value you will see in yourself. The more you can appreciate you, the louder the voice in you becomes and you will be less concerned of the opinions of others when you go out in public places.

Make the mind shift now and truly live!

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