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Monday, November 7, 2011

Inspiration - Calm Your Thoughts Today

If you feel the weight of your responsibility weighing heavily on your mind take the time to calm your thoughts.

Here's a beautiful quote I got today I'd like to share with you.

Calm your thoughts today. Empty the vessel that holds your worries, goals, fear, and excitement. Allow your mind some time to rest today. When you give yourself this precious time; you create space for wonderful moments in the present.

Laura Lester Fournier

You see, sometimes you can become so caught up trying to figure things out to the point that your head hurts. Ever experienced that? You think and think and think some more until you feel like something's squeezing your brain - you know what I mean.

What you're doing here is just creating a wall of stress and strain that blocks the flow of creativity. So let's break down the steps you should take from Laura's quote to calm your thoughts so you can invite a wave of life-giving energy and creative ideas into your life.

Step #1 - Calm your thoughts today

Stop your over-thinking right now or stop what you're working on so you can connect to the place of inner peace and gain mental relaxation. Breathe in deeply and relax your mind and your entire body.

Step #2 - Empty the vessel that holds your worries, goals, fear and excitement

Let it all go, release it and turn it all over to the Great Universal Spirit. Visualize your worries leaving your mind and your body, know that everything is working out on your behalf and all good is here now - accept it.  

Believe that you will reach your goals and the information and help you need will show up at the right time. Release your fear and excitement - embrace courage. All is well. The universal power is at work in and through you working things out on your behalf.

Step #3 - Allow your mind some time to rest today

Do something different, something fun - something that will take your mind off of your fear, your worry and get rid of the anxiety. Bask in the freedom of joy. You may say, "How can I be joyful when everything's going wrong or when I have so much to do?" Then I'd say to you, "Just decide to be joyful." Being joyful is a decision - sing a song or put on some music and dance. Maintain that feeling into all you do throughout the day.  

Step #4 - When you give yourself this precious time; you create space for wonderful moments in the present

In the present miracles happen, creativity comes, inspired ideas shoots down into your mind. As you are in a relaxed state of mind you are allowing the Universal power to remove the tangles from around you and free you from your stress and frustration. 

It's in the stillness that power resides and manifests in your life. As you are present, as you a paying attention to what's around you, you begin to discover and see things you've never noticed before. 

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  1. Oh, Alicia, that was such a great post. Just reading it, I felt my jar relax and made a decision to do something fun today, amid all the necessary things on my long "to do" list. Thanks. Susan

  2. p.s. whoops, typo in that last post. I meant JAW, not jar. Sorry.


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