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Monday, November 21, 2011

Self-Esteem Tips - Tips for Recreating Your Personal Image

The personal image you have of yourself influences your self-esteem. You can recreate your personal image by using a few simple tips, shifting your mental processing and perspective of yourself.

Tip #1 - Awaken to and identify the truth of your divine nature

You've been created out of Love - Love that nurtures all of life - animals, trees, galaxies. You are part of this intricate creative design. You are connected to the All that has all wisdom, all knowledge and all power. You are a perfect masterpiece of the Universal Spirit.

Accepting this and shifting your mind to seeing yourself through the Master Designer's eyes immediately elevates your self-esteem. You don't have to be of earthly royal birth or have credentials or earthly status to see yourself as great. You have greatness flowing through your veins. You have greatness interwoven within your cells.

This is the first step to recreating your personal image. Everything else builds on this truth, this foundation. Neglect this and you'll be right back where you started. I'll tell you why, because even when you achieve success in your outer life - credentials, even if you have all the prestige - friends, wealth, if these are removed from your life, you can still stand in confidence because of who you are and your divine worth and not because of what you possess.

These do not define you; they are an extension or expression of your divine nature.

Tip #2 - Build your new image

Who do you wish you could be?

What kind of qualities do you wish to display?

As you ask these questions, they'll give you clear direction in which you can now direct your focus and energy on.

Tip #3 - Change your self-talk

What you're saying to yourself repeatedly is impacting your feelings and in turn molding your self-image into your subconscious programming. So what you want to do now is change your negative self-talk to your new image and let this be your affirmation of truth to transform your mind and recreate your self-image.

Tip #4 - Respect yourself

You do not have to allow others to use you as a doormat in order for them to like you or gain their approval or respect. When you respect yourself you set the boundaries for how you will be treated, what you will tolerate. You don't have to be rude about it, just be confident in your position, and if vocalizing is necessary, you can state your truth peacefully.

Looking for more ways to boost your self-esteem, overcome inferiority complex and build your self-confidence?

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