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Friday, November 25, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - How to Feel Good About Yourself - Ways to Lift Your Spirits

You can lift your spirits in many ways in order to feel good about yourself. Whether you're feeling bad about your weight, your physical appearance, your level of education, your personal image or anything else, you don't have to allow these external things to dictate the way you feel about yourself.

Feelings can be changed by just shifting your perspective as well as your focus. So let's look at some ways you could use right now to do this.

Look for the beauty that's within you

We often look at other people's beauty in admiration - whether it's their physical or inner beauty or their personality. And that's okay. But we all have an inner beauty that's unique to each of us. And with the same admiration you have for other people's beauty, you need to look at your own beauty. In so doing, you'll begin to feel good about yourself instead of feeling down because the other person has something you wish you possessed.

Help someone

You energy level soars to a higher level when you help other people. The interesting thing about helping others is that you help yourself in return. The rewards are immediate as well as long-lasting. The seeds of your generosity grows forward way into your future and matures into abundant fruit in your life.

Do something creative

What's your talent? What do you enjoy doing? Do something creative - paint a new art piece, write a new song, create a story. Think of something that you can do well and then do it. Don't stop until you've completed it. You'll feel good about your accomplishment and about yourself. Who knows what other creative ideas might emerge in the process.

Express Gratitude

What could you be thankful for right now? You may not be at your ideal weight yet. You may not have the physical appearance you would have preferred to have or you may not have the education you wished you had right now. But you can still express gratitude for what you do have, which may be a whole lot more than what many others don't have.

Can't think of anything? How about being thankful that you're able to read this article for starters so you can begin to implement these strategies right away. And by the way, there are many people who are unable to read or don't have access to the internet or who cannot see to read even if they did have internet access.

Think about that for a second and be thankful for what you do have right now.

Exercise and eat well

When you workout you'll find yourself more energized throughout the day and the chemicals being released into your body will automatically begin to help you feel good about yourself. Eat a well-balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables - live foods - that will feed your cells. This not only helps you feel good physically but it will help you feel good emotionally as well.

One thought leads to another and builds on the initial thought. So what else can you do to lift your spirit so you could feel good about yourself?

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