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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Relationship Destroyer - How to Overcome Low Self-Esteem in Relationships

The low self-esteem issues you face in your current relationship have their roots coming from other issues in your life; many of them stemming from childhood circumstances and are being manifested in your life now. It is important to know though that your partner is not responsible for making you feel happy or making you feel good about yourself. The onus of that rests on you. With that said, you're not looking for your partner to intentionally put you down or hurt you either. There's a balance in everything.

When you begin to see your own worth through your eyes then you've taken the power over your life out of the hands of another. You're not dependant on somebody else making you feel special because if at any time in the relationship your partner is not acting in an appreciative way towards you then that does not cause the cards of your self-esteem to come tumbling down.

This type of dependency on your partner can stifle them in the relationship because of the insecurity you feel when you're not getting the attention you think you should get from your partner.

Begin to work on you

Your experiences in your outer life are nurtured from the root of what's going on inside of you - through your beliefs, your thoughts, your emotions. What you're focused on, or put a different way, what you're seeing in your imagination and focusing on expands into your experience.

So you must change your perspective of yourself by changing your inner beliefs and your internal programming. Your partner cannot resolve all of your personal issues even though he/she loves you dearly. This is something you must do for yourself - taking control of your own life.

Love yourself

Spend time loving you. Don't wait for your partner to give to you what you need to give to yourself first. If you find yourself feeling needy, instead of demanding the attention from your partner, demand that attention of yourself. You'll be amazed to see when you start appreciating who you are and loving you that that energy attracts more of the same from others.

Connect with the love that's inside of you. Find something to love about you and hold on to that. Begin to focus on it and appreciate what's in you. This appreciation will begin to expand and you'll begin to see other areas of your life that you can truly admire and respect as well.

Understand your divine nature

You are connected to a grand design created by the power of unconditional love through the Great Universal Spirit. You were created by and through love and that love is expressed through all creation. When you understand this you'll see the true value of your divine worth.

You're not ordinary. You carry within you the power of the extraordinary in a seemingly ordinary vessel. There's more to you than meets the eye. Know that you are great and that you are unique and that all the universal power is at your disposal to create the life and relationship that you desire to experience.

What have you brought into this relationship? What do you have to offer? It's time for you to explore and recognize your own divinity and express that divinity through your inner beauty. You have all you need inside of you to build your life and enhance your relationship.


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