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Friday, December 30, 2011

Life Lessons - How to Learn From Your Mistakes

Life lessons teach us to learn from our mistakes. Mistakes are part of the growth process that contains many life lessons hidden in them. How we choose to view our mistakes can make a major difference in enhancing this growth.

Out of our mistakes can come greater ideas, some of which we would never had thought of had the mistake not been made. But often times these ideas are missed because we've focused on the wrong things like, 'why did this happen to me' instead of looking for the good that the event has to offer.

We've been trained to look at our mistakes as failures. But if we were to change that and see them as part of the learning process, the training and reshape of our thinking to fit the results we truly desire, we would achieve a whole lot more in our lives.

Let's look at a practical example to shift this mindset to seeing our mistakes from a positive perspective.

Consider a baby that's learning to walk

Each attempt may result in the child falling, stumbling over or feeling of fatigue. Would you consider this as a failure? No. You see this as part of the learning process - the level of maturity of the child and the understanding of the mechanism of physical balance as well as strengthening of muscles in the legs and arms.

What else is included in this process? How about learning to make the connection between what the brain wants to do - which is to walk and actually coordinating the process of moving the hands and feet in order to facilitate this desire.

What's that child learning? All of the processes - mental and physical - to help him/her get to the final results - to walk. Because the child falls or stumbles while learning is not an indicator that the child has failed and should give up and neither should you. The child is constantly tweaking and changing the way he/she goes about practicing mental and physical steps to finally master the art of walking.

What are you learning?

Instead, look closely at what you're learning now, what you've learned from past mistakes or how you can now look at your past mistakes so you can extract the valuable life lessons they bring into your experience and personal growth.

Look at what you needed to master; whether it's your thought process, shifting your perspective - the way you see things, or change the actions you consistently take to get the results you desire. As in the example, you need to consistently be tweaking your process until you see what works to help you master whatever it is you're working on.

Change the way you see your mistakes and you'll view life from a whole new perspective and empower yourself to go beyond failure until you succeed, knowing that 'failing' is a part of the success process.

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