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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Do you have a plan for 2012?

I hope you had a great Christmas. Our kids had an awesome time, feeling quite satisfied with all the work they've put into making presents - our plan paid off and was most rewarding.

Now that we're winding down 2011, it's time to, not only reflect on what we accomplished this year, but also to look at what we could do differently in 2012 to achieve the goals we did not reach this year or create new ones.

What do you want 2012 to look like? Do you have a plan to make this happen or are you going to wing it as each day comes?

You see, the difference between planning and winging it is that with a plan you can see where you're going, even if you have to tweak it along the way, you have a direction, a target.

When you're winging it you just go with anything that comes, like a ship adrift on the water. You can direct your life in the way you choose.

Take the time today to reflect on this past year. Reflecting brings clarity. It causes you to take a closer look at your life; what you've done, why you feel the way you feel about things. It causes you to pay attention and become more observant to your own attitude, behaviour and habits.

Reflecting can be a very sobering experience to help you get onto the right track and on the path towards your goal.

Do the exercise...

Here are some questions you want to consider asking yourself?

What did I want to achieve in 2011?
Why didn't I achieve my goal?
What obstacles did I face and what did I do about them?
What could I have done differently?
How could I look at this situation from a different perspective?
What lessons have I learned this year?
What new plan can I put together that will get me closer to my goal?
What or who do I need to help me achieve my goal in 2012?

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