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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Action Thursday - 7 Step Process to Get What You Want

Want to know the process to getting everything you want? Many times we think that it's the outward work that counts, but the outward is just the results of the work you've already done on the inside. There's a process to everything we do and if you're trying to make changes in your life and it seems like nothing's working, maybe you've got the process backwards.

Robert Collier's quote goes like this, 'Visualize this thing you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blue print and begin.'

If you notice here that all of these have an intangible base - in other words, the process begins inside of you. It starts with your mental processing of information.

So let's break this quote down step by step.

Step #1 - Visualize this thing you want

You need to have a clearly defined picture of what it is you want to create. You must first know what it is you want and create a visual of this image in your mind's eye, your imagination. So begin by asking, "What do I want this to look like? What do I want to experience?"

Step #2 - See it

Do you see what you desire to achieve? Let me use an example; you want to go to the grocery store to get milk, chocolate milk - do you see that as you read this? You already have a picture of what the milk looks like, not white milk but chocolate milk. So when you go to the store you already know what it is you want, what you're looking for so there's no confusion in your mind about what you're going to get. 

You need to see what it is you desire. See yourself enjoying that happy relationship, being self-confident, having the abundance you desire.

Step #3 - Feel it

Get emotionally involved in the creative process. Your emotions fuel your desire. When we add pleasure to our desire it makes us want to do more of it. Feel your desire as if you were right now experiencing the happy relationship, the abundance you desire. Allow your emotions to connect with what you want.

Step #4 - Believe in it

You need to believe that this is possible for you. Don't start feeling it and experiencing the joy of having what you want then sabotage your progress by saying that it could never happen to you. Accept it. Believing is accepting that you can and will have what it is you want.

Step #5 - Make your mental blue print

Create the steps you will take to get to your goal. Don't get preoccupied with how you will get the resources. Just create your plan mentally as if you already have all you need to make your desire become a reality.

Step #6 - Begin

What can you do right now? Begin to use the resources that you already have. It may just be a pencil and a sheet of paper to write an idea down. Start with that. Expect that all others will come to you. 

Tip - Become clear on what you need to make the next step. If you're not sure what the next step is, ask the Spirit for wisdom to know. It will come to you, trust that it will.

Step #7 - Bonus Tip - Tweak your progress

I'd add this bonus tip here because of its importance. You need to monitor your progress. Are things forming into shape according to your mental blue print? Use your observational skills to monitor your progress. Make any adjustments necessary to ensure that you are on the road towards your goal. If something is clearly not working, use something different but remain focused on your end results.

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