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Monday, December 19, 2011

Transform your life - You've Got to Have a Plan to Change Your Life

Are you trying to transform your life but find that nothing's working out as you thought it would? Or perhaps you know what you want but don't know how to go about creating the changes you want to make. You've got to have a plan based on the clear mental image of your desire. Everything you choose to do starts first with an idea followed by a plan - whether small or great - to make that plan become a reality.

Our kids are so excited as the big day approaches. You see, this year we've taken on a major project for Christmas presents.

Last year, beginning the first week in December we did give exchange every Friday up until Christmas day.
During the week, we all made presents for the names we picked. Our kids all loved it and it made them develop their creativity and devise a plan to make their creative ideas become a reality.

Well, this year we're doing it even bigger and better but with a more ambitious twist. One of our daughters asked a question, it went something like this, "Mom if we started making presents for each person every day up until Christmas, how many presents would that be?"

The light bulb went on and an idea struck! What if we all made presents for each other, doing the best we can, the older ones helping the younger ones and mom and dad helping them all, what an awesome Christmas it would be?

Out of one thought, one idea evolved this massive project for each person to make 36 presents. We have 8 children so that would be 10 people, including mom and dad = 360 presents Whooo!

I told you it was an ambitious project didn't I?

Everyday we're working diligently, dealing with obstacles, setbacks, deleting some ideas that just don't make the cut and the best part, the kids are learning new crafts - like knitting and crocheting and digging deep to come up with their best creative ideas.

When problem ideas come up dad keeps asking, "What's your plan? What are you trying to make? You've got to see your final product before you create the plan and once you do that you'll have no problems carrying out your idea (as he did an example for them to see). You can always tweak as you move along but you have to have a clear mental image of what you want to create and then create the plan around your image.

Sounds like great advice doesn't it?

Well, it's working and I tell you, the kids are creating some awesome pieces.

That brings me to you.

What do you want to create?

Take the time right now and decide for your life.

Do you have a clear mental image?

Create in vivid colours what your life would look like as you have what you desire. Then sit down and write out a plan of action steps to take each day to materialize your goal. Start with what you have and make note of what you need with firm conviction that it will come to you. 

When you are absolutely clear on what you want and you can see your final outcome, then you can create a plan to achieve that goal. It doesn't matter if it's small or large, you have to have a plan and then you can tweak as you go along.

Not sure what you want to create in your life or you got an idea but you're not sure how to create a plan or what steps to take?

How about having me be your mentor?

I invite you to check out the details and the options I've put together for you to work with me here.

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