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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Unconditional Love - How to Allow the Energy of Love to Transform Your Life

Just recently I had an early morning meditative walk out in our backyard. Because of the morning dew, my slipper got wet. I sat down for a bit basking in the sun's rays with my slippers off. A few minutes later I noticed that the water on one of my slippers had completely dried up. 

The heat of the sun through the process of evaporation transformed the energy of the water, absorbing it back into the atmosphere for further use at a later time.

When you allow the heat of Unconditional Love to penetrate your heart, your life will go through the transformation process as the energy of those things that no longer serve you or that are hindering you are removed out of your life. 

Unconditional Love from the Great Universal Spirit has the power, the ability to take the energy of each negative situation you encounter and absorb it back into the All - the Universal Energy - giving way to the positive flow of energy to move through your life. 

What happens to the negative energy? Just as the water on my slipper dried up by the heat of the sun later on becomes rain, being used for a positive purpose, so it is with the energy of our personal situations - now removed as blockages, obstacles in our lives, but later on becoming beneficial not only to us but to others as well. 

Many times our greatest problems become our most rewarding because when we are able to turn our adversity inside out is when we reap the positive harvests.

How then do you allow the energy of love to transform your life?

1) Connect with your heart

Take the time out to sit and connect with your heart - turn your attention inward and feel Unconditional Love. If you've never consciously done this before it may seem strange at first but keep going because you have been here before perhaps as a child before all of the negative trappings of life blocked the way. 

2) Let Love penetrate your heart

Allow the warmth of Unconditional Love to penetrate your heart and as you feel this love let it intensify. See it and feel it growing and expanding inside of you. You may also feel this energy all over your body.

3) Remove all blockages

Ask the Presence of Unconditional Love to remove all the blockages that are hindering your life. Visualize this warmth going through your heart and into all of your circumstances healing your pain, bringing down walls inside of you, removing guilt, shame, fear, distrust and any other negative energy hindering your progress.

4) Bask in the rays of love

Let the cleansing and transformation process continue. Don't rush this process - this is your life. Just relax and enjoy the peace and freedom that love brings. 

Repeat often.

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