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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Feeling Stuck? How to Overcome Paralysis Due To Lack Of Resources

Have you ever felt the need to move forward toward your dream but when you look around at your personal situation, your external circumstances, you feel stuck and become paralyzed due to lack of resources?

Whether it's lack of education, skills, tools, friends or companionship, you can move from feeling stuck to taking action, overcoming obstacles and move forward toward your goal.

How? Follow the 4 step process to propel you forward and to attract the resources you need to help you achieve your goal. 

1) Become clear 

For every goal you want to reach you must become clear on where you're going as well as on where you are and what you need in order to move you forward to the next step. If you don't know where you want to go, how can you be directed? Sit down and create a clear mental image of your ultimate dream, your destination. Identify where you are now and what's keeping you back from moving forward to the next step or what you need to help you make the next move.

2) Change the way you're looking at your situation

Work through each process. Don't think of lack of education, skills or money etc. as a hindrance. Instead think, "What I need will show up at the right time. It will come to meet this need." Sometimes what you think you need is not what you really need. For example, you might think you need money for a particular purchase but then the universe sends someone who gives it to you as a gift or you might get it at a discounted rate. 

3) Place importance and priority on your goal

If you are complacent about and indecisive about reaching your goal or you see lack of money as an obstacle, the results you get will mirror that thought. But if you think, "I will have this and what I need to complete this will come," then you've opened the door for miracles to happen, for the unlimited supply to fill the void. Just wait for the method the Spirit decides to use to help you and do not entertain thoughts of not having because you'll attract exactly that - not having. 

4) Keep the focus and intensity and momentum on your goal

Keep moving forward towards your goal. Take your eyes off of what you do not physically have because you already have all things. Be consciously aware that you are one with the All and that all there is also is in you. (Read that again; meditate on it for a moment).

You are All and All is you. So remove the mental limitations which dwarf any results and keep moving forward in hopeful expectation that what you need for full manifestation will show up to complete the process by whatever method the Spirit chooses. 

You already have the wisdom and knowledge to do what you desire to do. Step out, believe in yourself and do. Just do it. Be all that you can be and do all that you can and desire to do. Let nothing keep you back. But move forward in your mind and body. 


  1. Nice confirmation of what I have been recently creating in my life. I've been having some 'stuck' tendencies trying to sneak back this past day or soin and this was a nice reminder to stay on track and re-focus!

  2. That's great Pops. And if you need some help creating laser clarity and actionable plans to move you forward towards achieving your goals, I'd like to help you out. Find out more at


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