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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Inspired by The Secret, On Being God takes you Beyond Your Life's Purpose!

I just found a book I think you'll love. It's On Being God, Beyond Your Life's Purpose. If you are a Seeker longing for a deeper spirituality, this book will inspire you! 

The author says, "Our true purpose in life is to know God; in other words, our life-long intention is to know the higher form of existence we truly are."

Inspired by the movie, The Secret, the author, Carl Bozeman, leaves no doubt that he believes we are all God and God is within us all!. It is amazingly exciting to learn and realize that you are responsible for everything you choose to create in your life and if you choose, you can use your creative energy to create happiness and joy. 

In this profound and deeply compelling book, On Being God: Beyond Your Life’s Purpose, the author reveals an experience that changed his life and led to the inspiring revelations so beautifully described in his book. Bozeman puts forth the convincing belief that we are not a composite of the people and events and experiences beginning at birth, rather we are the “now” endowed with infinite creative energy as to make each of us gods. 

Knowing this, and fully recognizing what exists within us will direct us beyond the routines of life and into the realm of embracing our infinite and divine nature. Only then can we recognize that what we perceive as our reality is, in truth, only a small part of who we are. 

On Being God helps us find this true and exquisite authenticity, which brings purpose and joy into our lives. Read more: 

One reader said, " "On Being God" is not a flight of fancy, in it you will find very practical chapters on dealing with fear, on being non-judgmental, and on forgiveness. You will read this book twice; once to let it flow over you as it resonates with your deepest knowledge, and the second time with your highlighter in hand. But of course you knew that, after all, you are God." 

And, in addition to this amazing book, you'll receive dozens of amazing downloadable bonus gifts donated by the author's friends and colleagues. Check out the book:

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