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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Achievement - The Power of Setting Your Intentions to Achieve Your Goals

Whether you want to change career, enter into a relationship or enhance one, start a business or create a happier life, achievement of any goal requires the conscious power of setting your intentions for its attainment. 

When you set your intentions to create the desired outcome to achieve your goals, miracles happen. There's power in making a whole hearted decision to create a particular outcome.

In this article we will cover 4 tips that will help you use the power of setting your intentions to achieve your goals. And if you use these tips daily your life will unfold with ease and less stress. 

Tip #1 - No goal is achieved until you're whole heartedly decided

Eliminate all wavering and let all of you agree with what you want. Your own doubts will sabotage any progress you've made and stop you right in your tracks from pressing forward toward the finish line. Let go of your doubts, release them. 

Tip #2 - Summon the universal agents to help you

Let it go and allow the universal powers to work on your behalf. Your intention is the authoritative word that gets the universal energy working for you. Your part in this process is becoming clear on what you want and deciding to have it. Know that you will have it, state what you want and then let it go. Don't try to force things to happen. The energy of your desire will go out from you attracting back to you similar thoughts that will come in alignment to your own to bring your desire into physical form.

Tip #3 - Use your observational skills - pay attention

If action is required on your part, you'll get the inspiration and know what to do and become energized to do it. Every situation is different. Don't become too rigid in how it should all work out. Just be alert to the movement of the Spirit. Pay attention. Some situations require you to act while others will require you to sit still and observe as others are mobilized on your behalf. Go with the flow, be open and flexible.

Tip #4 - Express gratitude

Always be thankful for the outcome - at the beginning of the journey, in the middle and at the end when you've finally achieved your goal. Gratitude will keep the channel of success and abundance open to you. It will keep you at a high energy level, full of faith and put you on the track to receive more of what the Spirit has to offer.

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