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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Getting into the Creative Mode to Attract What You Want - Level 2

Yesterday we covered level 1 - Thought, and how it impacts the creative mode to attracting what you want.

You've been given all you need to become self-empowered and attract what you want through the creative mode. We live in a world of great splendour all created from the Source of all Creativity. But you can see that this creative mode has a process from start to finish, each beginning with the intangible and ending in form.

Let's look at level 2 of the creative mode to getting what you want.


Your imagination is a natural part of who you are and therefore it is the essential part of the creative process to attracting what you want. Here are a couple of questions for you to answer, "How's your imaginative skills? What are you seeing when you create your life?

Your thoughts create an image in your mind. When you think of something you immediately see an intangible image of what you want - think about that for a second. When you think about having a cup of tea don't you see it first in your mind's eye? As a matter of fact when you say that you want a cup of tea you can already envision and taste the type of tea you want.

So your thoughts and imagination work together to create the image of your desire in its completion. What happens from there into the physical manifestation of that cup of tea? You will either take action to get that cup of tea or someone else will bring you the cup of tea. Either way an action will be taken.

What are you seeing when you desire that cup of tea? Do you start thinking that it's impossible to get that cup of tea or that you're not good enough to get that kind of tea or that it's so difficult to get tea? Sounds a little silly huh? 

But that's what we do all the time with our desires. Limitations and stipulations are put on it and then our desires go through the analytical process and are slowly cut down to nothing by all the sabotaging thoughts.

All the while the first image is being changed over and over with every thought - negative or positive. Many of these thought patterns and images are done unconsciously because of childhood programming.

Now if you can revisit your child self once again and engage in a little child's play what would you imagine yourself as? Remember when you were a child and you imagined yourself as the princess in your castle or perhaps you were a fireman. How engaged were you as you used your imaginative skills? Your dream came to life. 

Try to relive that moment but only transfer it now to what you desire and see yourself living your dream. Let it come to life - fill your eyes with it, become one with it, own it and live it.

Tomorrow we'll go into Level 3 and Level 4 of the Creative Mode to Attract What You Want.

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