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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Achievement - How to Summon the Universal Agents to Help You Achieve Your Goals

If you are struggling to achieve your goals know that you are not alone. The universal agents are available and working on your behalf. The key is in knowing how to summon them to help you. We are all part of the whole and as the soil does not discriminate in giving its power of growth for plant growth, so too, the Great Universal Spirit does not discriminate against helping you achieve your goals.

In this article we will look at how to come into alignment to summon the Universal Agents to help you achieve your goals.

Set your intentions

Your intention is the authoritative word that gets the universal energy working for you. As the energy of your intention transmits out into the universal ether other similar energies are attracted to it working together to bring your desire into physical expression. Be very clear on what you want the outcome to be and state with clarity your intentions, the desire you want to manifest.

Keep in mind that you can also set your intention with just a simple thought. I've come to see things manifest in my life with a simple passing thought. My heart is always open to what the Spirit has offer for the good of my personal growth.

Believe that you will achieve your goal

Disbelief will short-circuit your results. It's like a short in your electrical equipment. No matter how much electricity is available for you to operate that vacuum in your house if there's a defect in the wiring you will not succeed in getting it to work to vacuum your carpet.

Disbelief works in the same manner. It's cuts off your ability to effectively accomplish the tasks needed to achieve your goal because if you believe that you are not worthy of the goal or are incapable of achieving it or getting the help you need, you'll be unable to materialize your desire.

Say, "I know that I will achieve my goal and everything is working out on my behalf even now. Thank you. I am open to receive my desire."

Release the outcome

Going against the flow creates stress and frustration. This energy creates confusion which opens the doors for other negative energies to hinder the progress of reaching your goals. Nature works in harmony and grows everything with ease and effortlessly. Look at nature around you and you will see that this is true. Make a decision to achieve your goals in much the same way with everything flowing in harmony as you move from one task to another.

As opportunity presents itself don't hesitate but move with it. Be alert and pay attention to the doors that open and the direction in which the Universal Agents are taking you. Don't try to control things as you don't know all of the avenues through which the Spirit can create the path for your desire to come into realization. Trust the Senior Partner of wisdom in this process.

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  1. Hi Alicia....Is God the primary Universal Agent?
    This week, so far, I have gone swimming two times and walked outside this morning. I am still trying to achieve weight loss. I WILL do it. I WILL, with the help of God. Susan from

  2. Yes, God is the primary Universal Agent which pools all other agents together in perfect synchronicity, whether spiritual (agents) or physical ones (people), to help us achieve our goals. Keep pressing forward Susan. You can do it.


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