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Friday, August 12, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Are You Mentally Sabotaging Your Health Progress?

Many of our woes come from the way in which we're thinking about our situation. Whether it's our health or reaching our ideal weight goal, if your thinking is off it will also throw off your efforts. We eventually sabotage our progress when we're harbouring negative thinking patterns.

So how do you identify sabotaging thoughts and how can you replace them with positive ones?

Pay attention to what you're feeling about your health and weight

Your feelings will show you if you're in a positive vibration, if you're feeling positive about your health and your weight. If you're feeling like you can't stand yourself, you can't stand the way you look; those are clear indications to show you that you are out of harmony of reaching your goal.

How can you change that?

Find something that you can feel happy about. Even if you started with loving your eyes or your smile, it's something that you can start with to help you begin to lift you into a place of appreciation and joy.

Pay attention to what you're saying?

When referring to your health and weight progress what are you saying to yourself and to others? Are you saying things like, "I'll never lose this weight" or "It's so difficult to lose weight," or "I'm always sick?" What you're doing is sabotaging your results because you're not declaring what you want but you're agreeing with your sickness and difficulty in losing weight. This is what you're sending out into the universe expecting to have a different result.

What to do instead?

Your thoughts and your words and actions all need to be in harmony with what you desire. So you'll be saying, "I'm getting better each day," or "I'm reaching my ideal weight goal easily and effortlessly." Here's one I've used in the past and use now combined with my visualization; "The excess fat on my body is melting off easily and effortlessly." I visualize the excess fat melting off.

Weekly Progress update: 

My workout - Did interval training - interchanging between running and walking. Playing with the children. 
I also added in my weight training to build strength. 

How did you do this week? 

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