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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Action Thursday - 4 Action Steps to Overcome Feeling Stuck Due to Lack of Resources

Ever find yourself feeling stuck because of fear, lack of money, skills, education or connections? 

Whether you want to move forward in your career, relationship, personal life but find that you lack the necessary resources to do what you want to do, the following 4 action steps will help you to look at the big picture, identify what's holding you back, recognize what it is you need to move you forward to take the next step towards your goal and get the resources you need to manifest your desires.

So let's look at each one. Get out your pen and paper and let's work out the process together.

1) Look at the big picture

Sometimes when we get stuck what happens is that our focus is on the problem and not on the big picture. While we are focused on the obstacle and on the reason why we can't move forward, the hindrances seem to grow bigger and block our vision from seeing our target. What happens from there? You lose sight of your goal and the result? You procrastinate, then eventually you give up. Sounds familiar?

Look at the big picture - your goal; what you want to achieve, where you want to go or who you want to become, write that down. Let that be your focus. Fill your eyes, your thoughts and imagination with it and not with your obstacles. Now, instead of attracting what you don't want - the feeling of being stuck - you're open to attract the answer to resolving what's stopping you from taking action and moving forward toward your target.

2) Identify what's holding you back

Look closely at what's keeping you from manifesting your desire. Is it fear? Is it lack of money? Is it lack of self-confidence? Is it lack of education or skills? What is it? Write this down now. 

When you consciously uncover that hindrance what you're doing is shedding light on it not with the intension of letting it become your focus but looking for a way of resolution. 

Now that you have it on paper, you can brain storm ways to remove the obstacle instead of surrendering to it. Ask the question, "how can I overcome this?" What you've done here is saying to the universe that you are determined and you are open to receive an answer. And in turn the Spirit will bring the solution you need to help you.

3) Recognize what it is you need

Identifying what's holding you back works two-fold to help you recognize what it is you need to move you forward to take the next step towards your goal. By identifying that you are afraid of you can dig deeper by asking, "Why am I afraid, what's the source of my fear?" Write it down. If you lack skills, write down what skills you wish you had that would help you take the next step - what kind of skills, knowledge etc. would you need. 

You're creating a mental picture on paper so you know exactly what you need - the beginning process of bringing the intangible into form.

4) Get the resources you need

Now you know exactly what you need to make the next step, instead of focusing on, "I don't have this or I don't have that or I can't do this or that," your focus becomes, "I'd like to have this, or know how to do that, or this is what I need to help me take the next step." 

Write down what you can do to acquire the resources you need - again brain storm a bit here. Write down whatever comes to mind. If nothing comes to you right away don't get caught up in frustration. Just relax and say, "The knowledge or help I need will come to me at the right time," and let it go, release it and expect it to show up.

Bonus tip: Be open to the avenue the Spirit chooses to use

What you want may not always show up packaged the way you think it should, so be open and willing to go with the flow. Keep your eyes open and pay attention. The Spirit has a way of working things out in perfect harmony, perfect synchronicity. Once your answer shows up go with it, do what's necessary to be done and don't allow doubt to cloud your mind.

Changing your life may seem like an overwhelming frustrating process. But it doesn't have to be if you're given simple doable step-by-step strategies that will get you from feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed to being self-empowered. 

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  1. Thanks, Alicia. Your posts are always helpful and informative. Hope your summer has been good. Susan from Cannot leave comments through my Google account these days. Don't know why.

  2. You're welcome Susan. Yes, our summer has been really good. Hope yours has been good as well.
    Good ole technology :)


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