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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting into the Creative Mode to Attract What You Want - Level 1

To attract what you want requires some level of creativity. If you want to lose weight, you need to use your creativity to combine effective workout routines. If you want to start a business, creativity is a vital tool on all levels of your business to function effectively. So it is also with any relationship - whether to enhance the one you're in or to attract a partner, create your dream life, go on vacation etc. Creativity works in sync with any change you want to make.

How do you enter into the creative mode to attract what you want? Today we'll look at the first level of the creative mode.

Level 1 - Thoughts

Over and over you've heard that your thoughts affect your life and create your reality. But how do you use your thoughts or more so how you control your thoughts to help activate the creative mode?

Thoughts are very powerful agents. Agents? Because every thought has energy and that energy attracts other similar energy to it in order to bring the initial thought into form. Every thought has a life of its own - it's a seed and when that seed is nurtured with emotion and action - whether it's acted on by you or someone else - will come to maturity unless you negate that thought and replace it with another strong positive thought. 

Your thoughts create desire and stir up emotions - all working together to take on physical expression in your life. The thinking mode is the beginning of the creative mode. Therefore you must be clear in your thoughts about what you want, what you desire to manifest in your life.

Here are some questions for you: What are you thinking? Or more so, "How are you thinking?" Are your thoughts creative or are they destructive? Are your thoughts sabotaging your creativity? 

Think about these things for a moment. What are you creating daily? Are you breaking down all you've built up in thought in a moment of negative energy? Use your thoughts for constructive purposeful results. Use this universal tool to create or recreate your life.

Tomorrow we'll look at the second level of the creative mode - Imagination. Here's something to think about until tomorrow, "How is your imaginative skills? What are you seeing when you create your life?"

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