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Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Experience the Joy of Success

Today we'll look at an excerpt from Daily Word, Unity on experiencing the joy of success. If you find yourself dealing with inconsistencies on your health journey, here's something to help renew your energy and give you the extra boost to keep going until you reach your goal. 

"As I embark on any new endeavor, the excitement of a fresh start can be exhilarating. Sticking with it, however, requires that I develop the spiritual faculty of strength and use it daily. 

Whether I am adopting a new healthy habit or leaving an unhealthy one behind, raising a child or starting a new job, I remain steadfast. Obstacles may arise and I may experience my motivation waning, but my inner strength carries me through regardless of any obstacles. 

I meditate and invite in new awareness. I listen for guidance from within, while affirming my strength and resilience. The spirit of God within me is my source of spiritual strength. In God consciousness, I overcome any challenge and experience the joy of success."

If you feel like you've reached your rope's end, you've had enough, shift your thinking to, "there's always another way," look within to the Spirit and for the answer you need to keep going. More energy is available, more ideas await you, more inspiration is at your fingertips when you ask and are open to receive. 

Weekly Progress update: 

My workout - Did interval training - interchanging between running and walking. 
I turned this into a game of tag with the children so while I'm working out I'm also spending time with the family and having fun at the same time. Dad also joined in the fun. 

My challenge - Scheduling workout time. 
Between work and family responsibilities I've experienced some challenges this week in getting in my workout every day. 

My resolve - My plan this coming week is to incorporate more of my workout into my daily schedule as well as have set times to work out on certain days.

How did you do this week?

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