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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Overcoming Anxiety - How to Consciously Identify the Source of your Anxiety to Overcome It

So you find yourself snapping at your friends, your family or your associates for things you’d normally be calm about. What’s happening here? What’s going on? 

Without closer attention to the emotion, you find yourself being upset at what the person just did. But on closer examination of your emotions, after the air is cleared and you calm down, the real culprit behind the scene was your anxiety. 

Let’s look at 3 steps you can use to consciously identify the source of your anxiety so you can deal with it directly. 

1) Do a self-analysis 

Ask yourself, “What’s the true emotion that’s fuelling my irritation or anger?” By asking this question, you are beginning the process of uncloaking the offending emotion so you can consciously deal with it. Whenever you leave emotions unchecked you’re allowing it to be the instigator behind other negative emotions you’re experiencing. 

2) Identify the cause of your anxiety 

What’s the cause of your anxiety? Is it because of a failing relationship, a job situation, business not going the way you want it to, financial or other issues? After identifying the source of the anxiety, you need to look at it ‘square in the face’. Shoving it beneath the rug will only cause it to worsen. 

3) Deal with the anxiety 

When you’re dealing with anxiety, you need to bring all of your attention to what’s happening inside of your mind and inside of your body. Your thoughts, filled with some form of fear, drive the anxiety throughout your body. What can you do now to turn your situation around? What steps can you take to create change? Do it now. Don’t procrastinate, you’ll feel better after you’ve taken some action steps to deal with the issue. 

What if it’s something that you can’t change, like the other person’s behaviour in a relationship? You can change the way you feel about the situation. You can choose to be happy. You can choose to release the anxiety and invite peace in the middle of your storm.

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