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Monday, February 14, 2011

Give the Gift of Unconditional Love this Valentine's Day

Love is universal and all of us have the seed of Unconditional Love in our hearts waiting for the opportunity to germinate and grow to maturity. 

As we celebrate Valentine's Day, allow the seed of Unconditional Love to germinate as you give the gift of Unconditional Love.

What is the Source of Unconditional Love?

Unconditional Love comes from the Great Universal Spirit which gives life to all and nurtures all. When we allow ourselves to be the conduit through which Unconditional Love expresses itself, we subconsciously allow others to grow as we nurture them with love.

Be a conscious giver of love

Whether you choose to express this love with a physical gift, a smile, a kind word or thoughts of forgiveness, let love be the only motive. Let your love be 'in spite of' and not 'because of'. There's greater virtue in loving others in spite of themselves - to look beyond their tattered lives of negativity and choose to love them anyway and not only because they did something good for us. 

As you shift your focus from the external negative behaviour of others, connect with the love that's within your own heart that comes from the Great Universal Spirit. Allow it to grow from within, emerge and extend outward to those around you, even to those that are indifferent. 

Consciously let this become your daily practice and you'll find it becoming easier each day to shift into love and not become consumed by hate, anger, resentment etc. You'll find your life becoming more enwrapped with Unconditional Love. 

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