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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Action Thursday - 8 Empowering Life-changing Steps Learned from Dismantling a Baby Car Seat - Part 4

Your willingness in anything you do plays a big part in achieving any goal. It's no point wanting to get something if you are unwilling to follow Spirit guidance to get it. It is our willingness that causes us to reap the bounty. 

If I asked you for help and you offered to help me and then I'm unwilling to take the help you're giving me especially if that's the thing that I really need to get me to where I want to be, then what can anyone do? Until I'm willing to accept the help, I'd never experience the success that I desire to achieve. 

We'll continue on today with Steps 7 and 8. Be sure to check the previous posts, Monday - Wednesday, if you missed Steps 1 - 6.

7) Be willing to change your strategy

There were times that I had to change my strategy to get the results I wanted. When I found that one way seemed to give results at first but then the seat belt was stuck I had to change my strategy and find another easier way to loosen the belts. 

If you keep doing the same thing over and over again and you're getting little to no results, or you're getting some results and then you keep getting stuck, there may be a simpler, easier solution to your situation. Don't keep repeating the same thoughts, actions and words over and over again and expect to get different results. Of course you're getting the same results because you have not changed your mindset in the first place. 

Change your strategy. Ask for wisdom and then take action on the inspired direction you get. 

Bonus Step #8 - Don't despise the help package

I called one of my daughters to help me hold the lever as I pulled apart the bottom support piece on the car seat. I did try to do it myself initially but realized I needed help. Now, I could have rejected the idea of asking for help but wisdom says it's okay to get help when necessary. 

Sometimes we want to take on projects all by ourselves and then we become overwhelmed when we're all alone. Pay attention to when help shows up to support you. It's all the Universal Energy coming to your aid to make your load lighter and your journey less bumpy. 

Don't despise the help package. The help you need may not come in the way you expected but it will help you achieve the ends results you desire. Whether it came from a child, your spouse, a friend or a stranger, the Great Universal Spirit has conspired to aid you on your path. Ask for the wisdom to recognize your helper. 

Are you stuck? What situation are you facing right now that you need help with to 'dismantle or reassemble your baby car seat'? You see, it doesn't matter what the circumstance is, whether big or small, God is always ready to help, the wisdom is always available, there is always a way out. Take each step and apply to your own life. Believe that you will come through this as you become empowered from within. 

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