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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

8 Empowering Life-changing Steps Learned from Dismantling a Baby Car Seat - Part 3

Being a parent is a joyful time but can also be challenging. However, the lessons we learn if we pay attention to them can be quite valuable. Raising children teaches us so many things about ourselves and causes us to look at life from a different angle. Our children are given to us, not only to guide them in fulfilling their life-purpose, but in helping us develop the skills we need to fulfill our own. Every aspect of child-rearing is a chance to do exactly that. 

Let's look at Steps 5 and 6 of Empowering Life-changing Steps Learned from Dismantling a Baby Car Seat.

5) Have a determined mindset

If you are willing to press forward despite the obstacles, you will get the results you desire in the end. I could have given up when at times no matter what I tried didn't seem to work. But that's when your determined mindset - the mental attitude that says, "I can do this. I will get the results I desire," - sets your mind to only see the positive, to see the finish line, to see success and not failure. With this mindset, you can push pass any disappointments, obstacles or setbacks.

6) Be persistent until you succeed

I kept examining the car seat, looking over the sides, using my observational skills to understand how it was put together and listened to the wisdom of the Spirit. At one time I found myself thinking, if they got the seat belts on there has to be a way for it to come off. Armed with that inner instinct, I knew I'd find a way. 

With a determined mindset, you'll take persistent action until you succeed. You don't give up. For every little step you take you move closer towards your goal. If you stop and turn back, you have surely forfeited your right to success. Rest if you must. Take a break if you have to. Clear your mind and regain strength and come back with a fresh perspective but keep moving forward - be persistent until you succeed. 

Look out tomorrow - Action Thursday - for Part 4 as we cover Step 7 and Step 8.

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