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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Empowered from Within - Go Deeper to Go Higher

When we encounter personal life situations, instead of becoming empowered from within, the tendency is to look at them and react, often times, negatively to them. Instead of going deeper within we come up out of our inner sanctuary and stand in frustration, resentment or anger over the situation. 

The situation becomes the teaser to pull us out from our place of peace. Situations will always arise, but until we develop the habit of going deeper to go higher, we will always continue to go with the conditioned subconscious programming of going shallow to go lower.

You see when you try to resolve your personal struggles with only your mind it's like you're fishing in shallow waters. Fishing in shallow waters only results in small fish. The mind can only go with what's seen - what's known, what is already formed. 

But if you go deep within, you draw from the Unlimited Supply of the Spirit and that's like fishing in deep waters. What kind of fish will you catch? Exactly. In the deep waters you'll find large fish that do not swim in shallow waters. And that's where you'll find the answers to resolve all issues you encounter which will instruct the mind in the direction that it should go. 

How do we become empowered from within to go deeper?

1) Look to the Unlimited Supply

We know that the inner sanctuary that's connected to the vast universal supply and wealth of knowledge and wisdom is available to us at all times. When we face a difficult situation, instead of allowing the limited to dictate our thoughts and reactions, look within to the Unlimited realm of the Spirit. 

2) Know that the answer is already there

Know that the answer lies within you. Then focus on the fact that you do know what to do even if your mind has not yet consciously caught on, on this fact. Relax in this assurance that you know - you have the answer.

3) Allow the answer to emerge

As if listening to a friend to give you some information or how-to instructions, bring your attention to the place of the inner knowing. Turn your ear inwardly and listen. Turn your eyes inwardly. Pay attention as you wait for the answer to emerge. Clear your mind so that it would not be blocked by the debris of mental confusion and information overload from the outer voices.

4) Ask

"What do I do next?" and be willing to do what you've been instructed to do. Remain in the place of peace and keep sending your attention and focus deeper in spite of what's going on around you. This will take practice to keep your mind focused on what is unseen instead of on your circumstance but keep doing the mental shift into the place of peace.

5) Are you reasoning away your answer?

Sometimes we tend to reason away our answers when it comes. We hear it but instead of responding and acting on it, we bring reasoning and logic into play. When we get an instruction from the Spirit, it may not always make sense at first to the conscious mind but it will be right on target when implemented. Go ahead and act on your instructions and you'll see how beneficial the results turn out and how empowered you feel. 

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