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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Action Thursday - Overcoming Anxiety – 4 Steps to Release Anxiety

Anxiety, like any other emotion, can be felt throughout your body. It starts with your thoughts – how you feel about a particular situation - which results in anxiety. The underlying emotion is usually fuelled by fear giving rise to anxiety and in turn this anxiety fuels other reactor emotions like anger, frustration, irritation etc. 

You can consciously release anxiety from your life. Instead of allowing it to control you and zap you of your joy and peace, you can release the negative energy from your mind and your body. 

Step 1 - Feel the anxiety where it's located in your body and mind 

Anxiety creeps in when we are unconscious of what’s happening in our emotions. When you become fully aware, fully present and not distracted, you are able to feel the location of the anxiety in your mind and in your body. 

Step 2 - Consciously release the anxiety from your body

Once you’ve located the anxiety, it’s time to release it. E.g. you may feel irritation in your forehead or agitation in your body, consciously release it. You’ll begin to feel the tightness in your mind and tension in your body releasing. 

Step 3 - Visualize it leaving your body 

Use visualization to enhance this process. See your anxiety leaving your body and going downstream and being washed away by the peaceful flow of positive energy from the Spirit. Let it go. Forgive anyone that’s offended you and forgive yourself. Free yourself from the entanglement of the negative energy. 

Step 4 - Replace anxiety with peace and relaxation 

Continue with the visualization process and feel the flow of peace and relaxation entering your mind and your body. Feel the tightness of your mind begin to loosen as peace replaces it. Feel your body become lighter and relaxed. Bask in this moment until you feel satisfied. 

When you follow these steps, you’ll find yourself feeling much calmer and in this positive energy you’re able to attract inspired ideas to you to resolve the situation that led to the anxiety in the first place. 

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