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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Action Thursday - 4 Action Steps to Go Deeper to Experience the Power of Unconditional Love

If you truly want to experience the power of Unconditional Love in your life you will need to make the decision to set aside the time to enter into the silence and become consciously away of Love's presence. It is in the awareness that the connection is made so you can begin to experience Love's embrace. 

Let's look at some action steps you can take to make more time to enter the silence so you can go deeper to experience the power of Unconditional Love in your life.

Action Step #1 - Analyze your schedule

Get a pen and paper out and write out your daily schedule. Once completed, look over your schedule to see what could be eliminated or what you could spend less time doing. Ask, "Is this really important? Is this adding value to my life and how is it helping me achieve the goals I want? 

Action Step #2 - Schedule your quiet time

When you consciously schedule your quiet time, you'll find it helpful for you to remember to spend this time connecting to your power Source. It will also help you create the daily habit needed to fit in with your schedule and not become something that you do once in a while. 

After you've eliminated or minimized the time spent on activities that aren't adding value to you, adjust your schedule to include your silent time. Let it be priority, first thing of the day so you become powered up from within to go through the day. 

Action Step #3 - Scheduled Increments

If you've scheduled a larger portion of your quiet time in the morning, schedule smaller increments during the day to find a quiet place, withdraw your attention from the external world and get into your inner 'closet' so you can re-energize your life-energy. 

My morning quiet hour is so important for me as it rejuvenates me and set the tone for the rest of the day. I find when I miss this time, I find myself feeling agitated and not as calm when dealing with other issues as they arise. I spend my quiet time until I feel satisfied from within. It's like having a big morning meal and then having smaller meals throughout the day. 

Action Step #4 - Develop the habit of inner consciousness

Once you have your schedule in place, you can begin to take this up a notch. Develop the habit of inner consciousness. And what I mean by that is no matter what you're doing be in conscious awareness of the Spirit within you. Involve the Spirit in all you do. Be in constant communication with the Spirit as if you were consciously aware of a friend with you at all times. 

As you do this, you are allowing the Presence of Unconditional Love to influence all you do. You will continue to sink your roots deeper into love and you'll grow stronger and experience more of the Presence and Power of Unconditional Love. 

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