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Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Using the Power of Unconditional Love to Overcome Heath Issues

Unconditional Love gives life, it nurtures and heals. No matter what ailment you face, whether physical or emotional illness or weight issues, you can use the Power of Unconditional Love to overcome them. 

Ever noticed how a plant repairs and heals itself if the stem bends? I recall a couple years ago when our broccoli stems bent over, I thought for sure they were going to die. But we decided to leave them to see what would happen. And as mother nature's love took over the healing process the stems became stronger each day. 

Many of our illnesses and weight issues come from blockages within our own bodies that prevent the natural healing process to take place. But when we allow the light of Unconditional Love to penetrate the dark areas within us, the debris that hinders the healing process begin to loosen its grip and give way to the healing energy of the Power of Unconditional Love. 

Here's a step you can use today to get you started

Ask, "What area of my life needs healing?" By asking this question, you're allowing the Spirit to shine light in this area of your life and now you are consciously open to receive the healing energy flowing through you. 

Each day consciously visualize and feel the healing energy fill this area. If your doctor gave you medication to take daily, wouldn't you take it? Sure you would. Take the daily dosage of Unconditional Love and oh by the way, you can never overdose on this 'medication'. 

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