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Friday, February 25, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Foot Spa creates a sandy beach effect

Are you ready to pamper yourself with a foot spa that not only gives a sandy beach effect but helps to improve your health? I've had the opportunity to enjoy this relaxing foot spa session and would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their health and lose weight as toxins are released from their bodies. 

Check out this article I wrote a couple years ago.

In order to attain or enhance physical wellbeing, many people are researching and utilizing alternatives to achieving positive, satisfactory health results.

Engaging in a detox program proves to be quite beneficial to one’s success. Varying methods are adopted; ranging from pill form to natural and relaxing as a walk on a sandy beach. Detoxing Foot Spa provides the benefits of the latter therefore enabling the body to heal itself.

As pollutants and toxins are stored in the body, the body system engages in, an often losing battle against these unwanted guests as they can create physical and mental disturbances and/or blockages in the long term. The positive and negative charges in the body are ‘short-circuited’ by these blockages. The body depends on these changes to efficiently carry out the process of elimination of waste and toxins.

Because over 70% of our body consists of water, drinking 8-12 glasses of water per day is the daily dietary recommendation in order to keep bodily functions running up to par. Lack of water intake also contributes to blockages and uncharged cells.

 During a foot spa session, the feet are immersed in salt water; water has the most perfect balance of positive and negative ions.

The subtle vibration frequency of the water through the meridian points of the feet will affect the vibration of the body due to the interaction of the magnetic and electrical fields.

According to Fay McCracken, owner of Mystic Mountain Healing Spa, the detoxing foot spa session is very relaxing and creates a sandy beach effect. Although it is called a detoxing foot spa, the hands, instead of the feet, can be done in special cases, add McCracken.

The water will change colour as the toxins are pulled from the body during the session, varying from black, brown, dark green, orange, etc. and display bits of foreign matter indicating the material or area of the body being detoxified, e.g. the liver, heavy metals, kidneys, bladder. The client therefore has a clearer understanding of what toxins are stored and are entering the body thus enabling him or her to make a conscious and educated decision to affecting their diet and/or lifestyle.

Many of these toxins exist in our environment in the air, water, clothing and food (exists in our soil), producing symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, insomnia and many other common symptoms.

The Ionic Foot Spa Cleanse assists in restoring body vitality by eliminating 20% to 40% of the chemicals entering the body daily. It also helps to reverse and or eliminate those negative symptoms that plague the body, such as inactivating viruses, clear up bad skin, yeast and fungus, headache relief, rejuvenates and energizes the body, heavy metal removal, improving sleep, helps relieve arthritis and much more.

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