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Friday, February 11, 2011

Getting My Body Back Friday - Going Deeper to Go Higher to Achieve Optimum Health

The deeper you go into your inner being and connect with your power Source the healthier you become. This inner connection draws life energy from the Spirit which not only energizes and enlivens your inner being but your physical body as well. 

Your inner connectivity to the Spirit rejuvenates every cell in your body. And as you remain in the positive flow of the Spirit all that negative energy debris gives way to the life-giving flow of the Spirit through you. 

Many times this time is sacrificed because of our busy schedules. Take a look at your schedule to see what could be eliminated to free up your time to spend more quality time rejuvenating your life energy. Often times there are many things that we call important that are not quite so important in light of the big picture. Prioritize your schedule and eliminate things that could be eliminated or be done at another time. 

As you get into the routine of spending this quiet time connecting to the Source of your power, you'll find that you'll want to do this more often as you find yourself going deeper and enjoying a higher quality of life. 

Your body will thank you, things will begin to flow more easily and you'll feel more relaxed and energized. What do you think will happen to your health and weight? 

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