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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day: The Transforming Power of Unconditional Love

You’ve heard the words “I love you” so many times that it seems that the deep meaning of it has become superficial in its usage. But there’s love that is profound, constant and unconditional and it is from and out of this love that we have emerged. We’ve come from the heart of love and in remaining connected to the Source is where we find our life and sustenance.

Allow the fire of perfect love to radiate and burn within your inner being. Let it consume your soul, transform your mind and express itself through your body through focused thought and intention. It has always been there as a part of you and you begin to experience it when you are consciously aware of the connection to Love’s existence and turn full face towards Love in order to experience the warmth.

If this love is a part of us why then is it not more evidenced in our world? If you’ve ever observed an infant – they do everything instinctively. You don’t need to tell an infant when it’s time to begin to roll over or learn to crawl or walk. Neither do you have to educate them about love. They love you unconditionally. They quickly forgive and never hold a grudge. But as they continue to grow they’re reconditioned by society’s way of thinking, no longer the innocence of love – then they begin to adapt and lose the true essence of their original heritage.

We were all there at one point but have drawn away and/or moved away from living a life of true love. We’ve collected a lot of debris of judgment, anger, resentment, bitterness and unforgiveness that have blocked our communication with our Source of Love and have therefore stopped the flow of Love from entering our lives. We’ve now adapted to a superficial love that says, “I love you if you love me. I love you because you’re cute or I love you because you are rich, or because you make me feel so good inside.”

True love goes way beyond these conditions and says, “I love you because I love you and nothing can change that. I love you in spite of and not because of.” We have moved so far away from what is truth that the truth we embrace is so marred by the debris in our lives that when true unconditional love comes it’s hardly recognizable because we’ve grown used to the false identity and definition of love.

A call to return to love

It’s time that we return to the Source of Love that we may be transformed in the presence of Love and Love’s embrace.

How do you experience Love?

You experience this power because you desire it, you long for it, you summon it and Love comes to you. When you move away from it, you move away from the Source of the fire, the heat and passion of love and you begin to feel cold. Many people are cold. Some experience spurts of warmth but they never come close enough to experience the intensity and passion of Divine love. When you have, there is still much more to experience. When you come to that place where you remain in the intensity of love, you experience new levels of ecstasy you never thought possible.

Experience the Ultimate Love

It’s called the setting of yourself aside to surrender to and experience ultimate love. It satisfies, it thrills, it’s joy fulfillment, it’s deep inner peace. It’s the wanting or needing of nothing else - the satisfaction of your entire being.

Have you ever experienced a love so deep it burns to the core of your inner being? It’s like walking around with an inner campfire but never being consumed by it. It saturates your being to the point you need to take a deep breath so you can breathe or you ask for a second just so you can catch your breath? Come take a journey with me to the depths of your soul and experience the true flames of love.

Experience Love like you’ve never known, peace and joy in abundance and satisfaction unlimited. Once you’ve tasted, you’ll always desire to return, but why leave? You could remain there - you could live there and experience new levels of ecstasy in its purity.

Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. Thanks, Alica. Hope your day is great and that unconditional love is the mantra for not only today, but always. Sincerely, Susan from

  2. You're welcome Susan and you too.



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