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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Creating Miracles - How Do you Obtain Faith?

How do you obtain faith? Simply this:

I know and I am so sure that what I ask for, I will receive. I am so confident that all of the universal power is now acting on my behalf bringing me or leading me to the manifestation of my desire. I stand in this assurance knowing that my prayer is already answered.

Now you have observed ‘the plug’. You know and expect that once you put the plug into the socket your appliance will work to manifest your desire – vacuuming the carpet, or turning on the stove to cook supper.

Developing Faith

Faith, then, needs to be developed and practiced. It’s like a muscle, the more you use the muscle and exercise it the stronger it becomes. It sustains you and gives you stability. The stronger the muscles, the more toned and healthier you become.

Like exercise, there are different levels of faith for different situations. Some exercise moves, especially when weights are used, demand more of the muscles. It is the same with the application of faith in every situation in your life. Some situations require a deeper application of your faith. Not more faith, but more to do with the application of faith due to your belief system.

It may not be a problem for you to believe that if you desire a cup of coffee or a new dress you will receive it. So you ask for a new dress or cup of coffee, and it may be as simple as, just a passing thought, but you’ve made the decision that you’ll get that dress or coffee and you had that inner knowing, ‘Yes, I’ll have it.’ There was no objection from your subconscious mind saying that’s too big, or is that even possible. For you, it’s very possible and more likely for you to have it, and you know that you will.

Now, the application of your faith on another plane comes into play when you desire something you’ve never had before, perhaps a brand new car or a trip to a new vacation spot. You say, “I desire to have a brand new Honda.” Or, “I’d like to go to Hawaii for a week’s vacation.”

But there’s that other voice in your head that says, “I don’t know if that’s possible or if I can even afford that.” That’s the subconscious voice, the weak muscle, that part of you that’s not aligned with your conscious decision and that’s what needs to be retrained and exercised to come in agreement with your conscious desire.

If you find that you are not confident that you will have what you desire, then that's an indicator that you need to strengthen that area of your belief or your confidence.

How do you deal with wavering faith?


  1. Hi Alicia....As for wavering faith, I am currently RELEASING to God....releasing people, places, things, and situations. I actually heard recently about the power of releasing through Joel Osteen, the evangelistic preacher. He's very very good and in the few instances of releasing I've done since I heard him talk about it, AMAZING results surfaced. I'm not kidding. When we release, we open the door to God coming in and taking over. it's awesome! Thanks for the post. Sincerely, Susan from

  2. That's right Susan. We set our intentions with what we desire but then release the outcome for God to work the results out. That's part of the creative process and that's where we each need to know what part we play.

    Thanks for posting Susan.


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