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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Make a difference: You can make a difference living your dream

Ever stopped to wonder why you have the talents that you do? The gifts and dreams you have were not embedded in your make up just for your own enjoyment. You were born for this time period on the earth to make a difference living your dream easily and effortlessly.

Some things you do naturally while others struggle to do the same. That's because it's part of who you are; a part of your unique makeup. No one on earth is exactly like you. You are one of a kind. And with this knowledge, you are here for a divine purpose, whether or not you are aware of that.

Your talents and dreams have a place to enhance the lives of others and create a living, not only for yourself, but for many others. Think of it. What if you developed your gifts or your ideas whose life could you change? Whose life could you enhance? Whose life could you save?

Because we are all so interconnected on one level or another, your contribution could make such an impact locally, on a generation, on a global scale or maybe in the life of one child that will change the world. Give yourself permission to create wealth from your gifts, ideas and dreams.

How to make a difference

Charitable Donations

Many reputable charitable organizations are available where you can make a sizable contribution to aid in hunger and/or emergency relief. You can choose one or as many of these to sponsor a child or a family.

Environmental Organizations

Advocates for the protection of our environment have made it their life mission to care for our precious resources and ensure that the future of our world remains healthy and safe for our children and their children. You can join in and support their efforts.

Community Programs

Local programs have been put in place to provide the needs of local families; many of them struggling to make ends meet. By using your gifts to create wealth, you can make a difference in the lives of those who are facing temporary or even long term setbacks.

Educational Programs

Many educational programs have been cut due of lack of funding leaving children and families who rely on them in dire straits. One such program which has been brought to my attention by a friend is funding for the education of special needs children in the Bahamas and on an international level. What can you do to help if your ideas created such a financial stream of income to support this project and aid these children and their families?

Small Business Investor

How about being an investor to support small business ventures in need of necessary funds previously denied by the banks. You can help a small business owner realize his/her dreams.

I'm sure you could think of other areas that you can make a difference other than in your own back yard. The possibilities are endless, and besides, your act of kindness will live on in the lives of others long after you're gone.

Whose life would you change if you lived your dreams and materialized your ideas?

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  1. Hi Alicia! Good post! Whose life would I change if I lived my dreams and materialized my ideas? Well, if my used bookstore/household goods shop were a reality, it could serve the customers who would come! I used to spend hours and hours in a similar shop in Arizona. Found many wonderful, life-changing used books and some beautiful pieces for my house which moved cross-country with me. Your posts help me to move toward making dreams come true! Sincerely, Susan from

  2. Thanks Susan. That's great. And that's something to sure feel good about. Keep moving forward Susan.

  3. Thanks Patty. Have a blessed night.


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