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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Creating Miracles - How do you Develop Faith?

To develop faith you have to strengthen the weak muscles that keep you back from getting what you desire.

You strengthen weak muscles by repetition and sets in weight training to tone and reshape your muscles and keep doing so until your muscles are strong enough to move to the next level of weights.

By repetition of your desire, your subconscious will receive the message and will make the necessary adjustment to the new set of beliefs that you’ve given it in order for it to yield its cooperative power to you. So there is no double talk or wavering in your decision to receive and know that you will receive your desired results.

Practice over and over with different situations (increasing the weights) as you become stronger; deciding what you desire to have, asking for what you desire, being thankful and grateful for receiving and engaging in inspired action to its attainment.

By engaging in this practice, you would have built up your experiences and confidence; if I received the answer to this, I most certainly will receive the answer to that. Then, your conscious and subconscious would both be in agreement with the idea of ‘whatever I desire to have I shall have it. I know how to get what I desire. I know that I know that I know that it surely will come to pass’.

For as sure as you know that each time you lift those weights and continue to do so you will feel the effects of your muscles changing and toning and your arms becoming stronger each day.

Start with where you are and develop your faith muscles to attract new desired results into your life from the inside out.

Nurturing Faith to Manifest your Desire

Once you’ve obtained and developed faith, it’s imperative that you nurture it to ensure that you manifest what you desire. Faith is much like taking care of a garden. You decided that you’re going to create a garden. You’ve prepared the garden soil, sowed your seeds and transplanted your seedlings. Each day you water it. You ensure that you till the soil, protect your crop from invaders, add nutrients and prune the plants, promoting healthy growth and a successful harvest.

Faith, when nurtured, will bear fruit in its due season.


  1. Love the garden analogy, Alicia. I'm sure hoping for that fruit to bear in due season! Love your tulip header. Very pretty. Sincerely, Susan

  2. Thanks Susan. Your season will come in. Keep on believing and acting on what you believe is true.

    Yes, the tulips give a sense of serenity.



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