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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Create Miracles through Believing - How do we believe?

The Muscle of Faith

Your faith muscle must be exercised to build strength, endurance, sustenance, and resistance.

Strength – to carry the dream

Endurance – to continue to the length of time it takes to get to the final birthing of the dream

Sustenance – to uphold you and encourage you to keep moving forward in spite of the distance, the weight of the dream, the pressure, disappointments, discouragements and setbacks

Resistance – to deflect negativity - doubts, quitting

Your ‘Why’ is that thing that is most important to you. It is what you carry with you to give you the boost to endure, persist and develop inner strength when exercising faith.

So, I ask, “How is your faith muscle?” Examine yourself and see where you are; are you ready to step up and work out? Build those muscles and live!

What is faith?

Whenever you are working on attaining any desire, faith must be the deciding factor in achieving it; whether or not you are consciously aware of you having faith to receive the answer.

Your faith is what activates the universal power and set things in motion to bring you the desire of your heart.

You may have electricity running through the electrical lines in your house, but unless you plug in that appliance, you will never get the desired usage, i.e. vacuum your carpet, use the microwave, cook your food etc.

Your faith is the link between your desire and the universal power that is always willing and readily available to connect to and manifest your desire. The electricity is not partial in giving its power for your use, but if you fail to connect to it or there’s a short in the circuitry, you will not experience the delivery of this power. Faith works in much the same way.

So then, what is faith? In order to obtain something you must first know what it is.
The Bible says in Hebrews 11:1 - Now faith is the assurance (the confirmation, the title deed) of the things (we) hope for, being the proof of things (we) do not see and the conviction of their reality (faith perceiving as real fact what is not revealed to the senses).

Faith is:

Assurance – the confirmation, the title deed

Proof of the things we do not see

Conviction of their reality

Faith is the inner knowing and proof that what you are expecting to receive will become reality in your life even though the natural senses have not experienced the physical tangibility of that belief. That inner knowing or belief pushes forth into reality the expected outcome.

It’s like having a trusted friend tell you that they will give you a van. You, knowing that your friend is trustworthy, have the inner assurance that he will do what he said he would. If someone asks you, “How do you know if you could trust him?” You say, “I know his word is good.”

The word is the word of faith that comes from God to you, the inner wisdom of the Spirit. The scripture says before you even ask, God will answer and while you are still speaking, he will hear. So you have the assurance that God will answer and has already answered you, you have the proof, and now you believe and can rest assured that what you ask for, knowing that you will receive it, will come and is coming to you.

Faith is that which you see in your mind’s eye that you desire and believe you have, and know and expect that somehow a way will be made for its physical attainment. You expect its appearance even if you do not physically see it right now.

Faith is what gives you that extra boost and rejuvenates you. It’s that rejuvenating feeling of having that desire and dream fulfilled that gives you extra joy to continue to hope and pushes you past any and all obstacles that get in the way of its attainment.

It’s that shield that blocks all dream stealers and onslaughts of doubts because of the deep down inner knowing that the end result, that goal, that longing, will be satisfied and will come to pass.

Faith is the energy that springs out from the dissatisfaction with a current situation and is expressed through determined decision, persistent determination and a focused mind that has a deep inner knowing that whatever desire one has will manifest itself.

Focused intent to achieve one’s goal causes it to break forth as you hold to the idea with focused persistent determination. It’s a deep knowing of the heart and soul that causes the universe to line up people and series of events or moves the body forward into action to bring about change and attain the desired results. It’s the putting the foot in the ground and declaring, “No more, enough is enough. I will have it regardless of what the external conditions display.”

So how is your faith muscles? Are you working them out?


  1. Hi Alicia...I like to think my faith muscles are strong. I work them out by releasing all problems, situations, people, places, and things to God. I just say, "Father, I release these (or him or her) and that," hopefully, opens the door to let God take care of things. I think hard times help strengthen faith muscles, don't you? Sincerely, susan from

  2. Thanks for posting Susan. During tough times is when we need to focus on what we believe and accept the outcome will be, so no matter what we're facing we know we'll come through.

    Thanks Susan.


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