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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Born for a Purpose: How to Determine your Purpose

We've all at one point or another asked, "Why am I here? What's my purpose?" But how exactly do you determine your purpose?

Everyone of us came to planet earth for a purpose. You were designed and structured to add value to the earth in the space and time you are here. You may say, "I have nothing special or valuable to contribute." Not because you do not yet see the value in your special abilities, style of doing things and personality makes you insignificant.

You may be the one to create a shift in thinking and bridge the gap between the old and the new. In spite of political indifference, like many others, President Obama's life has helped to bridge the racial gap, taking us on a global scale to a new level of forward thinking, whether or not we as a people collectively embrace this change. Perhaps in time the seed of this change will mature into great fruit in the future.

Your purpose may not be designed to be president, but you could make a difference right where you are; in your home, with your children - shaping and molding the next generation with your unique blend of wit and charisma.

So, then, how do you determine your purpose?

1) Get to know who you are

Knowing who you are, is such a critical point. No, I'm not talking about the person that everyone says you should be or think who you are, but the real you inside; the one who has dreams and visions. Perhaps these dreams, no one in your current circle of friends and family know about them because they'd probably laugh or say, "You can't do that." Or, "That's wishful thinking." Take the time to get to really look into the heart of you, search your soul. What is longing you feel in your soul? If you've never done that before and this feels foreign to you, now's the time to start.

2) Become quiet

In the silence of your soul connect with your heart. How? By giving yourself permission to feel what your emotions feel inside. No, not all the debris of disappointments, regrets and failures, but the true feeling of hope and dreams within you. Oh yes, they're still there. You may have to shift all the negativity aside. If you only, just for a moment, allow yourself to look within with the anticipation of a child, what will you find?

3) What are you passionate about?

Now that you've cleared the debris out of the way, it's time to ask, "What are you passionate about?" Look at the things that gets you excited, the meaningful conversations that gets your attention, those things that impact you deeply, that move you. Take a closer look and grab a pen and paper and write those things down.

4) Comb through your past experiences?

Look at your experiences and things you've always been involved in. Write these down as well. Look for patterns, those things that are consistent with you. Yes, they make up a part of who you are. Some may not be favourable experiences and some may be mountain top experiences, but each experience contains hidden gems and clues to the design of your life purpose.

5) Change your perspective

Begin to look at your negative experiences through positive spectacles. Don't discard them. Someone else may be going through the same thing and you may hold the key to help them. What good could you see from your negative experiences? You've heard the term, 'seek and you will find', it's time to search diligently and draw out the vital lessons learned through your adverse situation.

6) Ask your family and friends

Whether or not you think your family and friends are initially supportive of your dream, ask them what they think gets you excited. Sometimes your family or your friends may know certain things about you that you may not realize yourself. So don't discard asking them and don't become defensive if it may be negative. It may be a negativity that you can turn into a positive to help you determine your purpose.

7) Putting it all together

Once you begin to see a connection, begin to move in that direction. Get as much information as you can on your specific area. Look for ways where you can get involved, even if it's one step at a time. Keep moving forward and doors will begin to open for you.

When you begin to life your life on purpose, you'll feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment instead of sitting back and watching others enjoy life. Share with humanity the special flavour of you.

What's your flavour?


  1. Oh boy, Alicia. Your post today was SO on target for me in my life at the current moment. I was just chuckling, thinking, "I don't know what I want to be or do when I grow up." I've been in human services for years and years and years and this past year, during this time of unemployment, I YEARN to write again. I am a writer at heart and it was my original profession. I would LOVE to write to get paid but how? No jobs in writing here. I would also (and I think I've mentioned this to you before),LOVE to have a little used book store/household objects store....THAT would be my dream.....write and have my own little shop. How to do it seems daunting to me. But I love, love, loved your post today! Sincerely, Susan from

  2. Hey Susan,

    Thanks for sharing your dreams. They are very doable even though you may not see how, there is a way.

    I would invite you to join us on our Think and Grow Rich Mastermind Group. It's a Free 16 week course. We're already at Chapter 5 this week, but all the material and the recordings of the past weeks are on the wall so you can still join us. Go here


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