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Friday, February 12, 2010

Getting my body back Friday - Getting into the Olympic Fever

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games start today. These athletes have been training hard day in and day out just for this moment. The Olympic fever is in the air and Canadians are all excited to have this event hosted in Vancouver, British Columbia.

So what can we learn from these athletes that we could apply to reaching our ideal weight goal?

Commitment & Dedication

When we make a decision to commit to reaching our weight goal we must be dedicated to putting in the action steps necessary to realizing the goal. That does not mean that we don't face temporary setbacks. But, like athletes, we continue to push forward because of the commitment we've made to ourselves, not to mention the gold we receive at the end by staying committed to reaching our goal.


One of the major qualities of world class athletes is determination. Come what may, in spite of pain, in spite of temporary defeat, they are determined to be the best. So even if you fall off, get back up and get in there.

This week's been quite interesting for me; in between being busy and not quite feeling up to my game, I've managed to get in some workout. I only got out for my walk one time this week. But I decided that 10 - 15 minutes of high intensity weight training in between advertising and writing articles was better than zero exercise. I lightened my set of weights this time but still got a good workout.

How did you do with your workout this week?

This is the Olympic Flame run when they came through Clearwater couple weeks ago. Enjoy!


  1. Hi Alicia. Well, let's see. Monday, I swam for 40 minutes and did a one hour aqua aerobics class. Tuesday was a repeat of Monday. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, didn't exercise. Two out of five is better than nothing but improvement is definitely needed. Thanks for the reminder. Sincerely,Susan from

  2. You're welcome Susan. Keep it up. Get back in there and keep keepin' on.


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