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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Tunespiration - Emancipate Yourself From Mental Slavery

Bob Marley, Jamaica's world renowned reggae singer/songwriter/musician, brought his message to the world breaking down many racial and social barriers with his music. By boldly facing many adversities he set free many others artists of his culture and internationally to do the same by emancipating themselves from mental slavery. With his determination and persistent mindset, he has changed the world and the mindset of many through his songs.

His song, Redemption Song, tells us 'emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our mind'. And even though we have been freed from physical slavery, many people, of all races, still experience mental slavery; those limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that hold one back from soaring high and living a full enriched life.

What about being still enslaved by the hurt of the past, the childhood memories, the painful divorce? And even worse, what about negative societal and environmental programming that no longer serve you and hinders you down from reaching your highest dreams.

If it's up to you, then, how do you free yourself from mental slavery?

1) Become consciously aware

Whatever you think you can't do, will be exactly what you'll get because by believing that something is not possible for you that will be your reality. Become consciously aware of your thoughts and ultimately your beliefs of what you can achieve.

2) Change your mindset

Once you become aware of what's happening in your thinking patterns, you can begin to change your mindset by consciously adapting new thoughts.

3) Change your habit

Your subconscious mind holds the key to your empowerment. It's the soil that grows all your beliefs and though you may consciously decide to change those limiting beliefs you find yourself back where you first started out. Your subconscious mind is your life habit autopilot so you don't have to learn to do things all over again every time you decide to drive, ride a bicycle, get dressed etc. So, in changing any habit, that's the place you need to go.

4) Go to the root of the habit

If you were growing grapefruit trees and you changed your mind and wanted mangoes, cutting down the grapefruit trees will not automatically give you mangoes. As a matter of fact the grapefruit trees would begin to grow back and eventually, in time, produce grapefruits again. To remove the grapefruit trees completely, you have to go to the root, the source of power, uproot and then replant the area with mango seeds. By nurturing these mango seeds, in time, you'll have mangoes.

5) Plant different seeds

So how do you do this with the effects of your life. Look at the results you're having. What is the external fruit - poor health, low self-esteem, poverty, troubled relationship? No matter what you do, you find yourself getting the same results again. Like the grapefruit/mango example above, you cannot plant a grapefruit seed and expect mangoes. You must plant the seed of the fruit you desire.

6) Fuel your desire with your emotions

Similarly, you can't be thinking, and more so, feeling poverty, lack, scarcity all the time and expect abundance. You can't be thinking and feeling your life sucks or your relationship is down the tubes and expect to have a happy relationship. Your thoughts are the seeds you sow in the soil of your subconscious mind which when fed by your emotions become a part of your belief system. And as a result, eventually, the seeds of those thoughts, fuelled by your emotions, begin to germinate and produce fruit.

7) Uproot the old thought habit

To reverse the effects, get to the subconscious mind, listen for and feel your feelings about the situation you're facing. Uproot the root by consciously asking yourself if you believe those things about your life right now. Choose to consciously accept the new belief of abundance, happy relationships etc.

8) Practice the new habit

Daily practice nurturing those new thoughts and emotions to create new subconscious habits which will begin to germinate and produce the kind of fruit/the results you desire. Now you can join in with Bob Marley and help to sing another song of freedom as you emancipate yourself from mental slavery.


  1. Thanks for the great post, Alicia! Saw the opening ceremony of the Olympics last night. WOW WOW WOWSWERS. SOOOOOO AWESOME! Sincerely, Susan from

  2. Thanks Susan. Glad you enjoyed the ceremony. They're really going all out.



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