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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Turn Your Ideas Into Cash and Live Your Dreams

We all have ideas embedded inside of us from birth - those dreams we've had perhaps since childhood or realized as we got older. But they're a part of who we are and come from the essence of our divine makeup and life purpose.

Many may not follow them because we've been programmed to believe that we have to follow someone else's dream and that what others have is better than ours. But you are here for a divine purpose and whether your divinity is expressed through a musical instrument, singing, acts of kindness, dancing, speaking, teaching, writing, becoming an astronaut, computer programmer, an archaeologist or whatever, you can use those talents and turn your ideas into cash and live your dreams.

"So," you say, "How then do I turn my ideas into cash?" The following steps will give you a ground work where you can start:

1) Decision

As with all things, make a firm decision that you will use your talents and ideas to generate the monetary equivalent you desire. It's amazing when you make a firm decision to do something how doors open and information come to you one step at a time to get you closer to your goal.

2) Begin with what you have

Say your desire is to be a dress maker and you want to have a manufacture making clothing locally. Look around for what you already possess. If you know something about dressmaking, begin to look around at what's on the market, become creative and come up with and draft your own unique designs. Make up a few of these clothing items and show them around to friends and others in the community to see what they think. If your design is a winner make more.

3) Get the knowledge you need

If you feel that you don't have enough skills to carry out your desire, look around for others who you can partner with or look for ways through which you can acquire the additional skills needed, i.e. take a community course, go to the library and do some research, look on the internet. Whatever you do, don't allow lack of skills to be an objection to achieving your dreams.

4) Organize your thoughts

Putting your thoughts on paper will give you some clarity in the direction you want to take your idea. E.g. using the dress making idea above. Do you want to have a boutique and also supply local stores or do you want to sell on an international level? When you organize your thoughts on paper, you know exactly what you're going to do and have a clear picture of what steps you should take next or what other information you need to gather.

5) Putting your plan into action

Begin at once to put your plan into action. The more steps you take each day build momentum and move you closer to your goal. Be determined to keep going until your goal is materialized.

These are obviously a rough outline of the steps you can take to turn your ideas into cash and live your dreams. If you'd like some help to gain clarity in putting your specific desire into action steps, I invite you to join our Think and Grow Rich Mastermind Group at

I work with you to help you gain clarity in the direction you'd like to go and also share valuable action steps you can take to achieve your goals. Previous telecalls are recorded and are on the main wall of the Ning network so you could listen to at your convenience.

Looking forward to helping you reach your goals.


  1. Thanks for the post, Alicia. You are a very inspirational person. I don't really care about growing rich. Contributing more to help pay the bills would be sufficient! I hear your call for ACTION! Sincerely, Susan from

  2. You're welcome Susan and thank you. Yes, action will definitely get us closer to achieving our goals.



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