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Monday, February 22, 2010

Create Miracles: How to Create Miracles

What seemingly impossible situation do you face? There are situations in our lives we know we need to change by stepping out and putting our faith into action, instead of walking by sight – waiting for external conditions to be favourable.

To step out by faith, however, takes a risk on our part; sometimes, not knowing the final outcome, or even, the next step until we get to that point. Following your heart and dreams is to walk by faith and not by sight. Every step you take would be by faith. You may not be able to see the whole plan, but as you step out, putting one foot at a time, the way becomes clearer, your total trust and confidence is in God, and your inner senses become stronger and keener.

Staying in your comfort zone will yield its usual fruit for the moment, even though conditions say you should leave, however, leaving the comfort zone and stepping out in faith will yield a greater abundance, a greater harvest, producing a greater miracle. You were created with the power, the ability to create wealth. You have the creative power working in and through you. You can create exactly what you desire. You create your reality with your emotions, by your belief, (your heart), your mind (your thoughts), your words (what you speak/say) and your actions (steps taken in the manifestation process). Your mind/thoughts work in sync with your outer world.

How to activate the creative power

Miracles start in you. The kingdom of God is within you. You have access to that power and can activate it and allow it to freely flow in your life.

Ask and it shall be given to you

We’ve heard the saying many times, ‘Ask and it shall be given to you’. But instead of asking for what it is you desire, how many times do you find yourself complaining or talking about what it is you don’t really want to happen in your life? Sometimes we get into the habit of talking about our problems that we don’t stop to think about what it is we really desire. What we’re focusing on seems to grow larger and what we really desire is not being fed by our thoughts, and therefore, it cannot grow and expand.

In order to ask, we must first know what it is we desire to have. At times, knowing what we truly desire could seem a bit fuzzy. We are not without help. When we allow the Spirit to help us, our desires become clearer, and therefore, we can ask with confidence.


Without faith it is impossible to receive anything from God or receive God’s favour. Believing is the passage way through which what we desire comes to us. Believing is accepting the fact that whatever you ask for you will receive.

So, what miracles are you creating today?

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