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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Experience Emotional Protection in the Presence of Unconditional Love

Our emotions are protected from hurt when we are in the Presence of Unconditional Love. When other people say things and act a certain way that hurt us, whether they are conscious of that or not, we can find a place of refuge under the Wings of Unconditional Love. We can either absorb the words into our heart as hurt or change our perspective of what the other person may be trying to say or do. When we learn to see through the eyes of love, we see passed the insults of another, and in exchange, return love.

When we internalize hurtful words or actions, or those that we perceive to be hurtful, we’re giving the hurt permission to enter into our inner sanctuary of love and desiccate the purity within. You open the door of your sanctuary and welcome the defiled stranger into your inner dwelling. But if, at the door, when hurt knocks, you allow Unconditional Love to answer, a soft answer will turn away hurt – only love exists here.

As we turn our attention to Love and ask, “What would love do?” We give ourselves permission to respond as Love would. The more we practice, the more we become transformed to reflect the perfection of and be imprinted by Unconditional Love.

Affirmation: I choose to release this hurt into the arms of Unconditional Love in exchange for the healing balm of love.

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