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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Morning Quote of the Day - Allow the natural process of blossoming to occur in your life

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom - Anais Nin

During the growth stage of plants, before the blossoms come the bud - it is the natural process. There is a time period - the budding stage before the flower emerges - if the flower remains trapped inside the bud, its beauty is withheld, not only from us, but from the flowers and bees that rely on it to open so they can drink the nectar. If the flower does not emerge from the bud, the pollination process cannot begin. The cycle of life is interrupted. The risk, indeed, is more painful to remain as a bud than to blossom.

You must also make the decision and allow the natural process of blossoming to occur in your life with your innate abilities, talents and unique personality. You are needed by the bees and butterflies, those others that rely on you for their survival. Hindering the emerging of your blossoms is not only detrimental to you but also to those around you, and you are withholding that which is vital for your survival and the continuation of the cycle - your part of the cycle of life.

As buds open a little at a time, flowers fully emerge out of them with ease - naturally and effortlessly.

Your natural abilities and personality emerge as you lay aside resistance to allow the world to see you for who you are. When you lay aside all pretenses and remove the mask and walls that keep out the world, you free yourself from all entanglement to enjoy the rays of the sun - the warmth of love, and you allow others to partake of the natural essence, innate flavour and outward beauty of you.


  1. That was excellent, Alicia. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hope you have a great day. Sincerely, Susan

  2. Thank you Susan and you're welcome. Hope you had a blessed day as well.


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